Child Art

Child Art is a Certificate program. The syllabus is aimed at nurturing a child's artistic talent.

Focusing on various key areas, the program can help a child attain professionalism in his/her work.

Child Art:
No. of faculties (at present) :12
No. of students: 700 +
Eligibility: Classes A-12

What the Program has to offer:

1. Introduces children to the various art forms and help them master it.
2. Offers platform to compete in National/international level Painting/Art competition
3. Opportunity to meet and interact with some internationally acclaimed artist.
4. Scholarship for merit students
5. Field trips

Advantages of Child Art

1. Form a tender age a child can get a taste of professional level painting.
2. Enhances creative thinking, heightens expression, improves bilateral coordination, strengthens visual learning and many more.
3. As schools these days offer art related projects, students under Child Art program have a head start in these projects.
4. They are introduced to the wide spectrum of the Fine Art universe offering them more choices.